PROTECT 100% you and your family with rong or bad matterial sites

friends there is many methods for protecting you and your family with those sites which including explicit material or other related to it we can prevent it from following methods bellow

  1.  for the first method you must have the browser mozilla firefox if have't then you can install it from here;6 
or from
now after installation go on the link below
click continue to download or download
after installation you see a very little icon type box come in your lower bar of the browser if not then no worry come in tools menu you see here a option add-ons click it a new window will appear come in extensions you see in list there is a procon lattle click its option and must do these works
 set password
 tick on from prevent from being diaable or uninstall 
or you can manage it with your own point 
this method is perfect and reliable
othere wise there many software for it.


    a best software from protecting sexual sites 

    another best one

    if you want to block adds

    add blocker: 


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